You really can’t go wrong when you give the gift of flowers. No matter what is in the bouquet, chances are it is going to look fantastic. This is especially true when you purchase your flower arrangement from a reputable florist. However, what of those people who take a special interest in flower symbolism? Will they think the arrangement is as beautiful as you do?

Giving floral arrangements to a person who is familiar with flower symbolism can be tricky. Get it wrong and you could send an offensive message. Get it right and you could make a friend for life. You don’t need a college degree to understand the various symbolic meanings behind the most popular flowers. You merely need to keep reading.

A Rose by Any Other Name


Red Roses Bouquet

For as long as humans have been recording history, roses have been used in one form or another to symbolize different emotions and/or intentions. In ancient Eastern societies, we see the rose being used as a symbol for love and beauty, of prestige and wealth. Interestingly, the word “Rose” only translates to “red” or “pink” in most languages.

However, in the West today, the rose is best known as a symbol for compassion and romance. Roses are among the most popular flower for romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, weddings, and courtships. It’s important to note here that the occasion on which a rose is given greatly determines its meaning. On top of that, the color has its own definition as well.

To get the best bouquet of roses, regardless of the meaning or occasion, be sure to speak to an expert on the subject. Usually, a good flower dealer will have those people on staff at all times. Use your resources and send the right message.

Lilies Are Just as Sweet

liliesLilies have long been a symbol of such sweet human emotion that they are seldom mixed up with anything else. That is to say that most people innately understand the symbolism behind lilies because they embody the meaning so eloquently. In general, lilies are symbols of humility. Often carried by new brides on their wedding day, or placed around caskets at funerals, lilies can symbolism devotion and deep love as well.

In fact, lilies are traditionally given as a token of love and devotion on anniversaries. You might see a husband give his wife of 2 years a bouquet of Lily of the Valley flowers. This would be not only perfectly appropriate but it would also be quite beautiful. Since lilies are often equated with the soul, it makes a lot of sense that they are given as gifts to people we love in life as well as to those whom we have lost in death.

Colorful Carnations

The symbolism behind carnations is a little complicated. It all depends on the color of the carnation you choose. Although that might sound pretty simple, it can be difficult to remember it all. Luckily, your local florist should be able to point you in the right direction so you don’t end up giving something offensive.

As a general rule, carnations have varying meanings depending on their hue. The following is a brief guide for your buying convenience:

  • Light red: symbolizes admiration for the receiver
  • Dark red: symbolizes deep love and affection for the receiver (romantic)
  • White: symbolizes pure love for the receiver (i.e.: mother-child)
  • Variegated: symbolize regret for the unrequited love of the receiver

Since modern technology and societal trends have made it possible to dye carnations to any color under the sun, you may need some help picking out the right one. As always, ask your florist to give you a hand so you can create an attractive arrangement.

Timeless Tulips

bunch of tulipsTulips have a lot more in common with carnations than you think. Despite its incredibly different appearance, a tulip’s symbolism is based solely on its color just like it is in the case of the carnation. Tulips are a very popular flower for spring and summer, but they can also be found in fall and winter bouquets as well. This is because the tulip can stand for several things.

Red tulips are among the most popular version, and it’s probably because they symbolize true love. Since flowers are commonly given from one lover to another, it’s no wonder why red tulips are always a hot seller. Purple tulips are known to represent royalty, so you can actually treat your wife or mother like a queen and not break the bank while doing it.

In the meantime, there has been a lot of debate about what yellow tulips really mean. Some say yellow tulips are a symbol of unrequited love, but other say that variegated carnations have that covered. New concepts say that yellow tulips are a symbol of happiness and sunshine, and most people like that much better. What your tulip bouquet ultimately means to you will matter only to the person receiving it.


When someone close to you has died, it’s hard enough to deal with grief, let alone the stress of planning a funeral. There are a number of things that have to be arranged for a funeral – how to care for the bereaved and their wishes, find out which cemeteries have available plots, and see which churches are available for services. But with a funeral floral services at this url, make it a little bit easier for you.

Why Choose Funeral Flower Delivery?

????????????????????Why choose flower delivery? Well, let’s start by asking this question: Why would you choose to get a pizza delivered? Because you can select everything you need before you order – the toppings, the sauces, and the add-ons and sides. You’ll pay for it in one convenient location and have it delivered right to your door, alleviating stress and saving you time. Sounds really useful – and it is. When you want something quick, easy, and made to order, you choose delivery.

Well, the same thing can be said of funeral flowers – we can send funeral flowers to Fremantle with just a quick phone call or online order. It may seem glib to compare funeral flowers to pizza, but it’s certainly an apt analogy: You can personalize everything for the service, determine a time and place for delivery, and ensure that all the add-ons and “sides” are perfect. Delivery saves you time – something you never seem to have enough of when planning a memorial service.

A Wide Range of Flowers for Your Needs

Whether you want to send funeral flowers to Fremantle or find funeral homes in the local area for a memorial service, the above website can help. They provide you with the best florist services to help alleviate stress during this emotionally-straining time. Specifically, this company will assist you with filling your orders for funerary flowers by offering funeral flower delivery in Fremantle. Celebrate the life of your loved one with beautiful bouquets in their favourite colours and arrangements. Choose custom arrangements, wreaths, and cascades of flowers in a wide range of combinations, and all will be delivered on time for your special memorial service. Every order can be completed conveniently over the phone or online, and we often have sales or new products for you to choose from.

Make a Memorial Service the Best it Can Be with Funeral Flowers

Funeral in FremantleWhat better way to say “Our Deepest Condolences” than with a beautiful bereavement bouquet? Ensure your memorial service is as poignant and personalized as you want it to be. The florist friendly and experienced staff is ready to help you select the perfect flowers for the funeral service. We can have them delivered directly to the churches, and you can take special bouquets with you to the cemetery to honour your loved one’s final resting place.

Ensure that your loved one’s memorial service is the best it can possibly be with convenient funeral flowers delivered in Fremantle.

flowers fremantle, florist arranging bouquetKnown for their excellent floral arrangements bouquets throughout Australia, has been long serving Fremantle in Western Australia with beautiful flowers for all occasions. Whether you have an anniversary, it’s Mother’s Day, or you are throwing a party, you know this florist will not only use the freshest flowers, they have the finest designers to create an arrangement or bouquet to fit the occasion. And you know that your beautiful flowers can be brought right to you if you take advantage of their prompt flower delivery in Fremantle. No matter where your special event is across the country, they will deliver the same quality.

Why do Flowers Fade?

fading flowersIt is a sad truth, but the beauty of cut flowers can often fade within a few days. At Spearwood Florist they do their best to help you preserve every flower delivery in Fremantle by including a packet of flower food solution and instructions on how to cut the stems, but there are some steps you can take that could make your flowers last for more than a week.

Treat Your Flowers Kindly

White and pink flowers from fremantle floristThere is some common sense maintenance you can keep the flowers healthy.

1. If you are going to use your own vase, make sure it is clean and there is no old bacteria or mould from the last time it held flowers. Make sure there is no soap left.
2. Keep the flowers away from other plants and fruits. They give of ethylene, the gas that ripens fruit, but will cause cut flowers to wilt.
3. Remove any leaves that are below the level of the water, especially as you begin to trim the stems. They will begin to rot and encourage decay.
4. Remove any dying flowers as soon as possible. The bacteria from the decay will feed off of the other flowers.
5. Keep the flowers away from drafts, fans, direct sunlight, and electronics that give off heat. These will dehydrate the flowers.
6. Also remove as many leaves as possible from above water, because they will promote dehydration.

There’s Science in the Cupboard

fresh flowers from fremantle floristOnce you are treating your flower kindly while they are on display, you will need to use a little bit of science to keeps the flowers fresh and nourished.To make your flowers last, you don’t need to look any farther than your kitchen and bathroom cupboards.

7. After a couple of days, remove the flowers from the vase and cut the stems on an angle under running water using a sharp knife. This prevents air bubbles from forming in the stems and allows the flowers to absorb more moisture through increased surface area.
8. Change the water every day and add some sort of anti-bacterial to slow down the growth of damaging bacteria is in the vase or on the flower stems. You can use a few drops of bleach, some white vinegar or vodka, or even smash an aspirin tablet with the back of a spoon and put it in the water. The salicylic acid in the aspirin will do the same things.
9. Add a tablespoon of sugar to the water. Sugar takes the place of the sucrose. When a flower is growing, sucrose is the natural by-product of photosynthesis carried out by its leaves. It provides nutrients to the flower, which the flower loses when it is cut and its leaves are removed.

Now that you know how to care for your flowers, you can keep them fresh and healthy longer, and knowing that, you may decide that you don’t need a special occasion for flowers. Ringing this dedicated florist for flower delivery in Fremantle is something you just might decide to do for yourself.

Work had been so busy lately that I almost forgot to send my wife flowers for the most romantic day of the year. I’m glad I remembered it in the last minute, but I was sure that it wouldn’t get me out of hot water. How in the world was she going to get flowers on Valentine’s Day? I just knew the florists had been booked for months and they wouldn’t have anything worth sending, but I had to try. I was out of town on business or I would have paid the florist a visit myself. However, looking online, I found a solution.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

I was so glad to run against this site;, but even though they promise same day delivery for orders placed by 2 pm Monday to Friday and by noon on Saturdays, I just knew with it that I had to send Valentine’s Day flowers to Fremantle, they wouldn’t be able to deliver them on time. Fortunately, I was wrong. I ordered the flowers at 10 a.m. on Valentine’s Day and my wife called to say she got them that afternoon at her office.

There were several arrangements to choose from and I chose an arrangement of red roses, cliché I know!, but instead of just a dozen, I ask them to include a rose for every year we had been together. We celebrated our 20th anniversary earlier in the year, so she received a rose for 20 years of marriage plus the two years we dated before we got married. She was thrilled with the arrangement and she even text me a picture of it.

Last Minute Deliveries are No Problem

When I was ordering her flowers, I noticed the gift baskets the site offers as well. The gourmet food gift baskets and the wine and fruit gift baskets looked great and they are reasonable priced. Even though I had never been to this site before ordering a Valentine’s flower delivery in Fremantle, if my wife was happy them, I would order one of the food baskets to be delivered when I got home. We could share it with a nice bottle of wine and have a relaxing evening together.

I was also glad to save a little money when I ordered her flowers. I thought I would be a huge delivery fee with a last minute order. However, they have free delivery when orders are placed online.

It is always very worrisome to have a loved one confined to a hospital due to illness. During such times, a simple yet thoughtful “get well soon” gift can make all the difference in the world.

Is Someone You Know Sick, Or Expecting a New Baby?

Get Well Bouquet

When someone you love is in the hospital, it can be very difficult to figure out how to send them your best wishes. This is especially true when you are located too far away from your loved one to visit them in their time of need. Even when they are in the hospital for a good thing, such as the birth of a new child, you might feel the desire to send them a gift. Few instances of good fortune come close to a new baby, but it is still a wonderful thing to receive a gift from a friend or family member. It shows that they are supportive, and are also excited about the new baby girl or boy.

This is all the more true for those who are bedridden in the hospital for severe ailments. Their stay, no matter how short or long, can be brightened by the presence of a gift in their hospital room.

Sending Floral Arrangements, Cards, Hampers and Other Gifts

Get Well Fruit Basket

All of that is easy enough to relate to, but how do you go about sending them a gift in the hospital? You may think to yourself: “Surely delivering flowers to a place of business, such as a hospital, is a different process than florists are used to.” And in a way, you are right to worry! Calling up a number to have someone deliver flowers to the door of one’s personal home is usually considered to be the norm for many florists.

Choose a Floral Company Skilled at Sending Flowers to a Hospital

Find your way to Fremantle Hospital

Find your way to Fremantle Hospital

Even when a floral company is used to delivering flowers and other gifts to office buildings, hospitals can sometimes pose a special challenge. The people who are working the front desk of a hospital are under more pressure than receptionists working for other kinds of businesses. This is due to the risks involved in emergency healthcare. It is also partly due to the fact that many liability issues are likely to come up at a hospital if each patient is not paid very careful attention to.

Fremantle Hospital

Fremantle Hospital

The workers and executives behind Spearwood Florist know exactly how to navigate these situations. In fact, they actually specialize in delivering flowers to hospitals all over Australia. They really know the right way to go about floral deliveries to hospitals.

Still Worried?

Well, your worries can all be put to rest by visiting the online store of Spearwood Florist. If the hospital your loved one is staying at is anywhere in Australia, it is likely that they can take care of the delivery for you. Sending Get Well flowers, fruit basket and gourmet food basket to Fremantle Hospital is completely doable at their website. They have lots of experience delivering gifts to hospital-bound patients.

Is Spearwood Florist the Right Choice for You?

If Spearwood Florist sending Get Well and New Baby flowers, fruit basket and Hampers to Fremantle Hospital is something that can help you extend your well wishes to the person you know in the hospital, you’ll find that a quick pop over to their website will settle all your fears about gift giving. From the exotic purple Livia bouquet to the bright floral window box arrangement named “Whimsy,” Spearwood Florist is able to provide a wide variety of choices to suit your needs.

Read more at, a helpful and informative blog if you are looking for a florist in Fremantle.

Fremantle residents can be assured that Spearwood Florist is their top option for floral arrangements for whatever need they might have. Spearwood Florist is located in Phoenix Shopping Centre which is situated along Rockingham Road which is also the main shopping area. Flowers can speak meanings that words sometimes cannot even speak. There are hundreds of occasions when flowers or gift basket arrangements are the most perfect presents. Flowers can say so many things. Flowers can say “I’m sorry”. Flowers can say “I love you”. Flowers can “Get well soon”. Flowers can say “Be mine, Valentine”. Flowers can say “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary”! The list can literally go on and on and on.

Flower delivery beyond Fremantle

Whether you are from the Fremantle area, or not, Spearwood Florist delivers! Perhaps you are a Fremantle resident wanting to send a floral gift at a neighboring town to your great-grandma on her birthday. You can do that! In fact, Spearwood Florist offers free shipping when you make an online order. Orders can be made by going into the Phoenix Shopping Center and speaking to a representative. Another way to order is by calling the floral company and placing your order. The next way is the online ordering method. Ordering online gives some advantages of being able to take your time scrolling through the various options. There are also different tabs for the many different occasions that one might need to order the flowers. Remember, online ordering also allows for the only free flower deliveries.

Various Occasions for Flower Needs

We offer many specialty occasions for sending flowers to your special someone. Top occasions might include:

  • Sympathy Flowers to send your condolences.
  • Funeral Flowers to send to funeral homes or Fremantle Cemetery.
  • Anniversary Flowers
  • Birthday Flowers
  • New Baby Flowers Fremantle
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Thank You Flowers
  • Get Well Flowers to send to Fremantle Hospital or residential homes in Fremantle
  • I’m Sorry Flowers
  • Just Because Flowers
  • Valentine’s Day Flowers to your girlfriend in Fremantle
  • Mother’s Day Flowers
  • Christmas Flowers

What Could You Order?

Each occasion might call for a different type of floral gift or arrangement. For example, on Christmas one might send a fruit basket; however, on your wedding anniversary you might send your wife a bouquet of her favourite flowers instead. There are New Baby gift baskets and hampers that can be delivered to Fremantle hospitals as well. Sympathy flowers or funeral flowers can also be sent directly to churches, funeral homes, cemeteries, homes, or wherever else the gift might need to be sent in time of need.
Another very meaningful option that we offer to Fremantle community is the Printed Rose and Printed Ribbon preference! These are so awesome to use for your special someone and loved ones. You can personalize the rose or long ribbons across the gifts with whatever word, name, or phrase to whomever the gift belongs. How special is that?

Do not hesitate to use this local Fremantle florist webpage for all of your Fremantle floral needs!

In many milestone occasions of life, flowers are given as gifts to celebrate or empathize with another person. Believe it or not, birth is no different. Flowers are a gift that can be sent to both new baby and new mother as a token of congratulations, and a show of friendship and good will. But what kind of flowers should you send? When did birth flowers become acceptable? And, perhaps most importantly for some, where can you order birth flowers? We will address all these topics in this article:

Birth Flower Traditions

For hundreds of years, humans have been presenting new babies and mothers with congratulatory flowers upon birth. Some speculate that these traditions began with the Romans. They were said to be the first to present seasonal flowers to both mother and child upon birth. Today, many still engage in this traditional practice. These flowers are thought to bring good luck to the new child and family as they start life. Subsequently, flowers may also be given on other birthdays, and not just upon birth.

Types of Birth Flowers to Consider

Many birth flowers are seasonal. That is to say, they are actually in-season and available to florists during the correct months they are specified for. For those interested, there are a number of charts online that detail birth flowers for each month. These flowers also have specific meaning that are tied into the month (as well as perhaps the children) they are said to represent. Most florists can also give you advice on what types of birth flowers to send for each month. For those who want to go a less traditional route, florists may also have specific birth arrangements available and for sale. Or, you may want to help the florists design their own arrangement with the help of flowers you pick. The mother’s favourite flowers may, for example, be a very nice touch, along with birth flowers. Instead of using any type of birth flower, you may also just want to send an arrangement that appeals to the family’s style, lifestyle, or adheres to the language of flower colours. Again, florists can often advise on these types of purchase. Do not hesitate to ask them, or call the customer service line of a delivery or online service before placing an order.

Where to Order Birth Flowers

There are many, many places to order birth flowers. For many customers, their local florist shop is the most convenient place to order such arrangements. Use your local directory to find out more about possible floral services in your area. Either way there is no doubt that new baby, new mother and new family will be thrilled with your choice.

Learn more at this blog , a site if you need to send flowers to Fremantle. This local Fremantle florist also offers flower delivery for any occasions; birthday, get well, sympathy or funeral.